Tom LeGrand

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  Hi, as you already know my name is Tom and I am the pastor here at FBC Garber. I just wanted to take a little time and share how I came to be here and who I am.
     I was raised in church my whole life, when the doors were open we were there. So from growing up in church I had a solid foundation to build on. I gave my life to Christ when I was 8 years old. Then when I was 14 God called me to the ministry to be a preacher. At that time I said NO and began running from God. I figured I could bargain with him, or ruin my life in such a way that God wouldn't be able to use me anymore. Praise the Lord, I was wrong. He walked with me and protected me for the 14 years I ran from him. Without him I wouldn't be here today! So at 28 I surrendered to the ministry and God began changing my life. I began to grow in him and know him as more than just a savior. He became my friend and Lord!
     After about two years of growing in Christ he called me to start a singles ministry in Enid. It started with only two of us and then it grew into a lot more than a class, it became a family of believers, working together for God's glory. I learned a lot there and then God called me to come to Garber as their pastor.
     So after there was no mistaking God's call on my life I came here in Dec. 2004, and began my first pastorate. In the last two years I have been here I have got to see God change and transform many lives, including my own. The church is very loving and spirit filled and God is definitely working in and through us. I couldn't have asked for a more supportive and loving church to begin my ministry for God. I am very blessed. God has changed me and I get to see others grow in Him and be transformed. What a blessing!
     So if you are searching for something in your life, come and join us for worship, and if you need to just come back to the Lord, He is waiting with open arms to welcome you and forgive you of all your sins. What are you waiting for? God loves you no matter what you've done! I speak from experience. Come to Jesus, you'll be glad you did!



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Adult 1 Sunday School Teacher

Bro. Tom LeGrand


Womens Sunday School Teacher

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